Shape Data for RNN by a single function

When we attempt to construct an RNN model in the Tensorflow. We will always come across a task that is reshaping the data to meet the input format of the RNN model. This step is essential but a little confusing. To simplify the work of reshaping data for RNN, I develop an RNN sample generatorContinue reading “Shape Data for RNN by a single function”

A Better OrdinalEncoder for Scikit-learn

If you ever used Encoder class in Python Sklearn package, you will probably know LabelEncoder, OrdinalEnocder and OneHotEncoder. These Encoders are for transforming categorical data into numerical data. In this blog, I develop a new Ordinal Encoder which makes up the shortcomings of the current Ordinal Encoder in the sklearn. Also, it can be usedContinue reading “A Better OrdinalEncoder for Scikit-learn”

A workflow design with multiple inheritances

Many languages have limitations on multiple inheritances, such as Objective-C, Ruby, Java, because inheriting multiple implementation-oriented classes is prone to diamond inheritance, that is, two-parent classes inherit from the same base class. Then the subclass will contain the contents of two grandparents. Probably you have been always told that do not involve too many superclassContinue reading “A workflow design with multiple inheritances”