Shape Data for RNN by a single function

When we attempt to construct an RNN model in the Tensorflow. We will always come across a task that is reshaping the data to meet the input format of the RNN model. This step is essential but a little confusing. In order to simplify the work of reshaping data for RNN, I develop an RNNContinue reading “Shape Data for RNN by a single function”

A Better OrdinalEncoder for Scikit-learn(sklearn)

If you ever used Encoder class in Python Sklearn package, you will probably know LabelEncoder, OrdinalEnocder and OneHotEncoder. These Encoders are for transforming categorical data to numerical data. In this blog, I develope a new Ordinal Encoder which makes up the shortcomings of the current Ordinal Encoder in the sklearn. Also, it can be usedContinue reading “A Better OrdinalEncoder for Scikit-learn(sklearn)”